18 March 2023

“When Silence Stings” is the most accurate translation of the title of writer and philosopher Desanne van Brederodea’s book on Syria, which was a cry in the face of the silence that prevailed in the world in the face of the tragedy of the Syrians.
Desanne the human being, with her personality, her activity, her writings, her smile and often her tears, is a cry in the face of silence. The Syrians in the Netherlands knew her as a restless person who never misses an opportunity to raise the voice and spread hope in our tired souls.
On March 18, 2023, the Syrian Committee organized a meeting in honor of Desanne, who has always believed that it is a person’s responsibility to stand with people and make their voice heard when they are challenged by silence.
The meeting was attended by a large number of attendees, Desanne’s fans and her friends.

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