Assad's Chemicals and Continued Crimes

Seven years ago, the child Yumna was screaming:  “I’m alive, help me!” (
That was in the Damascus Ghouta, which the Assad regime targeted with chemical bombardment at dawn that day, 8/21/21 2013, Youmna was only one survivor among 1,461 civilian victims of chemical weapons over the course of the massacre, including 185 children and 252 women. As for the casualties with this forbidden weapon, it reached 9885, these numbers are the result of 221 chemical attacks that have already occurred in Syria, including 216 attacks of the Assad regime and 5 For ISIS organization.
The child Yumna has become a girl of the age  and had not yet witnessed the accountability of the criminals, and the world has grown tired of the horrific murder scenes for 9 and a half years. One million victims, apart from the displaced, refugees, detainees, and missing persons. The question of the child Yumna still echoes: “Am I in Heaven?”
No, little girl … Actually we’re in the eye of hell.
With this call, Het Syrische Comite commemorated the seventh anniversary of the crime of using chemical weapons on Saturday, August 22, with the participation of dozens of Syrians and Dutch in the city of Amsterdam.

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